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Dance with the Dunes in Dubai

Summer has come to Dubai and it brings the period of undertakings. Appreciate rise slamming, sandboarding, incredible food, and diversion as you experience a run of the mill desert safari and there is no lack of Instagram-commendable sights as you have a fabulous time in the sand.

Summer safaris allow you to escape to a cool desert evening; low mugginess and groundwater levels in the desert implies the warmth from the day leaves rapidly, surrendering it over to seven degrees cooler than metro regions. Crash into a genuinely nearby Bedouin (traveler) experience as you feel the genuine Arabian soul of the desert.


Most safari visits are planned for the late evening through night. To battle the lingering heat, it assists with dressing in light garments and keeps yourself hydrated. Visits normally offer pickup from your lodging and take you to the Best Desert Safari Dubai is a mammoth (225 sq. km) regular hold uniquely intended to moderate the desert untamed life and living space; here you’ll discover birds of prey, falcons, and another desert natural life about. You can ride camels or ponies here for an ostensible expense.

Riding the Dunes

Appreciate an exciting ride cruising inside a 4 x 4 Land Rover as your driver zooms over the rises; you’ll feel your adrenaline ascend as you float and slide over the rises, this ride is out and out a thrill ride. In case you’re searching for somewhat more experienced, you can tie on snowboard-like contraptions on your feet and skim over the rises yourself. The fine sand in the desert demonstrations like a day off you can attempt to consummate that reverse somersault!

Middle Eastern Nights

Tanoura Dance

After a vivacious time in the desert, you’ll be taken to a territory where tents have been set up for a healthy banquet and a night of making cheerful. Appreciate a night of Henna, Tanoura (conventional Egyptian move), and hip twirling as you appreciate a smorgasbord supper and Arabic Coffee.

Tired of Dubai’s allure? Take a safari through the abandoned and investigate what the sands bring to the table.

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