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What is Cricket?

What is Cricket?

Cricket is a game of bat and ball played on a field in the middle of which is an elongated square court with at least two wickets in every end of it and each containing two bails of varying lengths. Both batsmen and bowlers use the same ball in the game of cricket, but this depends upon the rules of the game. There are three types of wickets – fours, sixes and sevens – and all of them have their own properties and characteristics. The fours are the easiest to play with because they are the lowest in price, but they take the longest to get to the other side. Sixes are the highest and are used mostly for boundary catches in order to score runs. Sevens, on the other hand, are used as the final strike and are used for scoring centuries when the conditions allow it.

cricket match

When a player’s wicket is out, he must face another one of his teammates in order to complete his bowling over. This usually means that if a bowler manages to take three wickets, he has to face a new player. In a match between two teams, there is only ever one team left in the game after the match is completed, and this team will be designated the winner.

Cricket is very popular among people of all ages, and cricket matches are always attended by a large number of spectators. The match is also known for being very fast paced, and the action is usually played at high-adrenaline levels. It is quite common for players to be injured during a cricket match, but fortunately, most injuries in cricket matches do not last very long. Most injuries in cricket last from three days to a week, but more serious injuries such as fractured bones can last much longer.